Wedding Timelines

Published 11/05/2020

What the heck is a timeline?

A timeline is the sequence of events for your wedding day.  It is a very important document that tells you and your vendors when and where to be throughout the day of your wedding.  Sometimes a timeline can be difficult to create, even if you’ve been to several weddings and know, in general, how they should flow, or at least how you want yours to flow.

Some couples we work with have tons of ideas on how they want to manage the event, others want to just entrust it to us and others don’t know where to begin.  We are always happy to use experience at 500+ weddings to chime in with as much or as little input as you want.

When putting together your timeline it is extremely important to remember the following:

Things Will Change!

There are almost always unforeseen situations that come up.  You may have a wardrobe malfunction moments before your grand entrance that requires an extra 5 minutes to get sorted out.  So actual times will fluctuate - don’t sweat it!

The Order Counts!

Because things will rarely go exactly as planned, your primary focus when putting together timelines is the order you’d like things to happen.  Example: The first three things you want to happen 1. Grand Entrance 2. First Dance 3. Toasts.  This way, your vendors will be ready to unfold your plan in the right sequence, even if things get adjusted 5-10 minutes up or down.

Remember every wedding is different and each couple customizes their wedding to fit their personalities.  Here is a sample of the time it takes for each element of your wedding to happen based on our experience.

Guest Arrival: 15 to 20 minutes
Wedding Party Introductions - allow 10 minutes
First Dance - allow 5 minutes
Cake Cutting- allow 5 to 10 minutes
Toast/Blessing- allow 5 to 10 minutes
Dinner (based on 150 guests) - Buffet Style-30 minutes, Sit Down-60 minutes
Parent Dances-allow 5 to 10 minutes

Your best resource to help create your timeline is your wedding vendors. Talk with them and get their input they have a lot of experience in timelines. If you are working with a wedding planner or day-of coordinator they will be able to help you with this as well.

If you are looking for a DJ that will help you with your flow of events look no further and give us a call today at 401-769-1325 x25 or contact us here.