What is a Wedding Emcee (MC)?

Published 08/24/2020

Your DJ wears many hats on your wedding day and your MC is one of the most important ones. It is a role that brings everything together and is the foundation for the enjoyment of everyone.

Having an experienced MC will bring your entertainment to another level to ensure the entire experience for you and your guests is exceptional. Trust us it is more than just talking on the microphone.

An MC plays Host

The MC is an extension of the hosts (the couple) and will greet guests and make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. As the MC we will also ensure everyone knows what is happening and when along with transitioning throughout the venue for different parts of the wedding.

 An MC is an Entertainer

Your guests want to have a good time and they want to have a party. They want to celebrate, they want to dance, and an MC will assist you and your guests to ensure that happens. The MC will hype everyone up at the perfect times: during wedding party introductions, and of course during the dancing part of the night to keep the energy up.

An Mc is a Guide

Your wedding will have a timeline and there are so many different things that will affect and be affected by that timeline. From ensuring your ceremony starts on time, to be able to have your family in the right place before your reception, for introductions and to partnering with your photographer & wedding coordinator to help move the guests from the ceremony site to cocktail hour. Your guests will want to know what is "happening next" and your Wedding MC will guide them like a conductor, through the evening so that you can just enjoy your day. 

An MC is an Announcer

This also connects to announcing the beginning of the wedding reception, your wedding party members, your first dance, your dance with your parents, cake cutting, etc. Your Wedding MC will make any necessary announcements to ensure that everyone is informed of the flow of the evening and important details about the reception, the venue, etc. 

 The most important thing to take away from this is to let your DJ know how interactive you want them as the MC of your wedding to be.

Our MC style is to be on the microphone only when necessary and to just play great music and keep your guests happy dancing on the dance floor. We also always have a two-person team consisting of your MC and main DJ along with an assistant DJ to make for a seamless evening of nonstop music.

If you are still looking for an experienced, professional, high energy DJ we hope you will consider Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment and contact us.