Where Did The Wedding Cake Tradition Come From?

Published 07/29/2021

There are so many traditions at weddings.  We have seen come and go like the bouquet toss but some are here to stay like the cake cutting. But why do we make such a fuss about cutting the cake? It dates back to the ancient Roman time period, with a cake of wheat being broken over the bride's head for good fortune. The newlyweds would then eat the cake bread crumbs and guests would gather the leftovers for good luck.

This tradition then evolved to towers of cakes which if the couple could kiss over signified a lifetime of wealth. It became a pie then Queen Victoria's wedding to Prince Albert was when the modern day wedding cake we know today was born in 1840. Queen Vicotria was also the first to wear a white wedding dress!

The cake cutting is also a great opportunity for some more candid photos of the newlyweds. Luckily couples don't cut the entire cake but rather a piece of themselves to share. This can be very romantic and sweet until someone goes overboard and puts some cake on the others face.

Saving the Top Tier
Some couples can't resist saving the top tier of their cake to eat on their first anniversary. However, sometimes bakeries offer a small cake to you on your first anniversary which will match what you had on your wedding day.

Here are some of our recent cake cutting songs we have played:


We also have give a few shoutouts to our favorite wedding cakes to eat!

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What type of cake will you have at your wedding? Chocolate? Vanilla? Lemon?