Why having a photo booth at your wedding is the BEST!

Published 01/20/2020

While your wedding day is all about you having a photo booth is something for your guests.  Hear us out on this. Having a photo booth is an easy way to capture memories of their own from your wedding day.  A photo booth that prints out photos are easy to store, and you know will be displayed at their office, or on their fridge.  A photo booth that sends photo digitally is perfect for sharing to any social media platform.

If your still not convinced here are some more reasons why having a photo booth is the best! 

More photos
You have hired an awesome photographer and maybe even a videographer to capture all the moments of your wedding day but a photo booth will capture more candid memories. Your guests will be all dressed up so they will want their photo taken most likely more than once. 

Hopefully, you have us DJ your wedding two but one big concern couples have is will people use the photo booth? Sometimes the booth needs some warming up, but once a few of your guests go in and start sharing their photos with other guests the booth will be going non-stop all night. 

Once a few people go in the booth they will come back for more with their friends! We don't know why but your guests behave differently when they know that no one is behind the camera in the photo booth taking their picture. Even guests that might have never met like your uncle and your best friend might be in the booth taking goofy photos together. Even photo bombing adds to more fun and interaction among guests. 

All of our photo booths offer attendants, props and complete customization of the print outs or photo lays. We offer several styles of photo booths to fit everyone style. Click here to find out which booth will fit your wedding day! 


Looking to book a photo booth for your big day? Contact us today to add to the fun on your wedding day!