Why to Hire a Professional

Published 10/15/2015

In the age of Pandora, Spotify, and large iTunes libraries “why hire a professional wedding DJ,” I can just plug in a device and press play. Problem solved! Not exactly.

Don’t panic, but there are a number of things that can go wrong at a wedding. Sometimes the smallest thing can cause a domino effect throughout the evening. Since the DJ sets the tone and the pace of the evening through the music that is played, it’s critical to know how long each stage typically will take, to know where things can be shifted around and where they cannot. With the right DJ you can let them worry about that and leave you just enjoying your special day.

Song Selection And Mixing
DJing is definitely an art form it is much more than just having a large library of music. It’s having the knowledge of literally thousands of artists and tens of thousands of songs and how pair songs together, many times from different genres or time periods, and transition them seamlessly. If you rely on auto-shuffling your music could start with a very high energy song and then abruptly change to a slow song-which could be disastrous. When that happens all that energy you had is long gone. Sure, you can make a playlist, but what if the vibe that is going on with your crowd really dislikes the song? A professional DJ’s primary focus is to deliver the right songs at the right time to keep your guest having fun and dancing.

Professional-Grade Equipment
Sound quality is extremely important. Great sound comes from great equipment. A typical home stereo will not produce the sound clarity and dynamics required for a wedding. Once you start to add people into the mix, or you setup things outdoors, the sound from the speakers can become drowned out and things can get more complicated. This is why DJs invest in professional-grade loudspeakers capable of significantly more power and overall sound quality. Only a professional DJ with the right equipment can create the best experience for the environment.

Beware The “Cheap DJ”
You may have read on some news sites or wedding articles that you can find a DJ on the cheap. Well yes, you can, however, there are typically major trade-offs.

The Truth About Rental Equipment

There are some people that feel if they just rent “professional” equipment that they will save money. While yes it’s true that just renting equipment will save you money, the cost of that equipment tends to cost more money than people expect. To add to that, many people will not know how to properly operate the equipment which just leads to a disaster of a wedding.

Consider how much it costs to rent:

  • Rent pro-quality of sound gear ($>1000)
  • Hire someone to deliver it, set it up and break it down? ($300)
  • Buy the bare minimum of the music you would need ($200)
  • Hire a professional Master of Ceremonies? ($>400)
  • Hire “on-call” backup services in case of emergencies? ($200)
  • Rent basic lighting ($>150)
  • That totals over $2,250… for the BASICS.

How much is your wedding reception worth to you? Many couples wish they spent more of their budget on a DJ and those that did say that their value was worth considerably more.

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