Working with Arpeggio

Published 12/26/2019

It is probably your first time planning a wedding and hiring a DJ but don’t worry we are here to tell you all about it! You want to make sure you select the best entertainment for your wedding day. But what should you expect when you reach out to us about your wedding day? Here is the ‘Arpeggio Process’ from start to finish what you can experience working with us.

Step one: Contact
Couples can reach out to us a variety of different ways most popular are email, calls and text messages. But you can also reach out to us via The Knot, WeddingWire, Facebook, Instagram or Google. Upon contacting us we will find out some basic information – your name, wedding date, preferred contact message and how we can reach you (email or phone number).

We then try to set up a phone call to chat more about your wedding day details but we know you are usually planning at work (you’re guilty of this, right?). If we cannot set up a phone call, we can chat via email/text.  And yes, we can still have in-person meetings at our office if you prefer.

After our talk/emails, we will send you a quote usually with a few options for you to consider and look over. We do offer an early incentive if you book within 10 days of receiving a quote from us.

Step two: Decision time  
We will check in a few dates after we have sent you a quote to see if you have come up with any further questions.  If you have no other questions and are ready to reserve your wedding day with us, we will email you a contract.

To secure the entertainment offerings from Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment, a signed contract and 25% deposit is required.  Along with the contract, you will also get access to your online planning portal to begin planning.

To learn more about what is in our planning portal click here.

Step three: Planning phase
During the planning phase, couples are encouraged to take advantage of the online planning tools made available to all who book with us.  Using the cloud we’ve made your pre-wedding prep easy!  You will have 24-7 access to your online planning forms and the music playlist creator.

Our client portal allows you access to our music library and helps us communicate with you in order to plan all the details of your wedding day.  In our online system, you can create playlists for your wedding and specify the special moments that you would like to take place.

Step four: Touching Base
Typically, couples reserve their day with us anywhere from 9-15 months in advance. We will check in with you from time to time to see how the planning is going and to remind you of payments, and to work on your client portal.  Keep in mind, we know many wedding professionals and are always more than happy to give recommendations.

Step five: Review
Approximately 2 weeks before your wedding, you will be locked out of your client portal, at this time we will set up either an in-person review or phone call with your DJ to go over all of the wedding day details.  Everything from set up times, introductions and pronunciation will be finalized at this time.

Step six: Your Wedding Day!
By this point in the process, you should feel relieved and excited.  All of the planning has been completed. All you need to do is show up and enjoy every second of your wedding day.  

Step seven: Post Wedding Follow Up
We love hearing from couples after their wedding, to get insight on what they liked best about working with us. Be on the lookout for an email asking you to leave us a review in your favorite place (The Knot, WeddingWire, Facebook and/or Google). Make sure to keep following us on social media as we love highlighting your wedding day.

 Looking for a DJ for your wedding day, contact us today about your wedding day!