Your Engaged, Now What?

Published 12/14/2018

You just said YES and you are now officially engagement, now what do you do?

1.  Tell your parents, relatives and closest friends - please do this before posting on social media.

2.  Get a manicure! You are going to be showing off that ring like there is no tomorrow! Check out some wedding manicure ideas on our Pinterest page.

3.  Get your ring appraised and insured.

4.  Create your catchall response to when is the wedding.  Choose a month, season or even just the year to respond with.

5.  Perfect your proposal story - another question you will be asked, is what is your proposal story.

6.  Take a pass at your guest list.

7.  Think about your budget and start saving.  Please be aware your budget will change!

8.  Buy some wedding magazines.  (If you meet with us we have over 5+ wedding magazines in the office and we are more than happy to let you take as many as you would like home with you)

9. Daydream.  Use Pinterest with CAUTION.

10. Start thinking about where you want to get married. And check out venues, depending on how long you are planning your engagement to be popular venues book up to a year out!

Don't forget to call an awesome DJ to make sure you have the best wedding you and your guests have ever been to! 401-769-1325 x25