Your First Holiday Season in Your New Home

Published 12/02/2021

If you’ve just moved into your new home whether its in Rhode Island or not, you’ve been busy. You spent months comparing houses, and touring houses. You packed up and settled in. Maybe you’ve still got some unfinished rooms. Maybe there are rooms you still need to paint or rooms you still need to furnish, but you’re in your new home, and you can focus on the holidays.

Be honest and encourage patience

Everyone will want to see your new home. You probably picked out your house with the idea of entertaining and being able to put up guests, but if you’re not ready, you’re not ready. Since 2020 everyone has gotten more used to video phones and you can always encourage friends and family to dial in for a virtual tour. Even grandma knows how to Zoom.

You’ve probably still got a lot to do around the house that will have to be put on hold so that you can focus on your first holiday in the new home. If you’re feeling stressed, it’ll be a welcome change to pay attention to something else for a while. You can also keep stress in check by getting enough sleep, exercising, and breathing deeply.

Get some new decorations

It may sound silly to be buying decorations when you still need to buy furniture, but you’ll only ever have one first holiday season in your new home. You can seal off the unfinished rooms with wrapping paper and invite people over for a house-warming anyway. You’ll have a theme already and you can ask guests to bring an ornament. You’ll always have the ornaments and will remember the people who came to welcome you to the new neighborhood.

Clear the snow

If you live where there’s snow, suggests investing in a snow-thrower. One of the best ways to ingratiate yourself with your new neighbors is to go ahead and clear the sidewalk for the whole block. Get some rock salt and some bird seed. The local wildlife will be glad you moved in too.

Decorate outside

If you don’t want to climb up a ladder to string lights, you can always decorate the garage door with a giant bow and a wreath for the front door. The best decoration is a snowman. Whether you’ve got kids or not, if the white stuff has fallen, be sure to spend time in your new yard as well as inside your new house. If it’s not cold enough where you live, consider getting some of the fake stuff for fun. Shutterfly has some great ideas, so be sure to take a new holiday portrait with the house as the backdrop.

House-warming wish list

Your first holiday season together in your new house is one you’ll always remember. Friends and family will want to get you something, and unless you want to wind up with seven toasters, it’s okay to let them know what you need.

If you enjoy entertaining friends out in the yard, or find it relaxing to be outside after a busy day, a fire pit can be a fun and attractive addition to your new home. If you prefer entertaining inside, a soundbar provides a theater-like experience when you’re watching a game or movie. You should include things like dishes, silverware, a set of kitchen knives, and kitchen and bathroom towels. You can also include decorative and appealing items, such as indoor plants and prints of your favorite artwork that can help personalize your new home. A tool kit will keep everything shipshape. Don’t forget a good ladder and batteries for the smoke detectors.

Your first holiday season in your new home should be a joyous time. Set aside time to decorate and to really enjoy your first holiday season in your new home. If you aren’t ready for guests you can show them around with your phone and maybe have them over next year.

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