Safety is our top concern and with COVID-19 disrupting so much of our everyday lives it is also impacting our couples.  We want to ensure everyone that all of us at Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment are here for you through any changes and adjustments you need to make with your wedding plans or if you need more time to make upcoming scheduled payments. Please get in touch with us so we can work together to figure out a solution. Hoping everyone stays safe so we can see you out on the dance floor soon!COVID Newport wedding couple

We are still booking! We encourage you to reach out sooner rather than later about your upcoming wedding due to the rescheduling of many of our 2020 weddings.  For new bookings we are offering reduced deposits and waiving all credit card transaction fees. 

To Our Booked Couples:
Please remember that throughout your wedding planning process you have unlimited access to Debbie, your DJ and the client planning portal. Feel free to call or text us anytime with any questions about your wedding at 401-769-1325.

Here are the most common questions we have received with answers to help you in planning your wedding day.

What if we want to postpone our wedding?
If you are looking to postpone your wedding, please check with your venue first to find out their policy. Let us know what dates you are considering; we will check our availability and can also help coordinate with your other vendors. There is no extra cost for postponing to a new date and all previous payments will transfer to your new date. Your payment schedule will be adjusted as well.

What if our DJ isn’t available on the new wedding date?
We have several DJs within the company; therefore, we should be able to accommodate all postponements.

Is there a fee or any restrictions to postpone our wedding to 2021?
There are no fees or admin charges for any changes. All previous payments will be applied to your new wedding date.

Should we still make our scheduled payments?
If you are in a position where you are able to make your scheduled payments, please continue to do so. If not, please let us know and we will work on a flexible payment schedule.

Price Increases
Will the price increase if we move our wedding to 2021?
2021 will be very busy due to many 2020 couples postponing to 2021. However, we will honor the contract price and packages for all 2020 couples postponing to 2021. No price increase will be added to your contract.

Canceling Our Wedding
What if we choose to cancel?
Our 20-year policy of crediting payments in lieu of refunds remains in effect to support our team of professionals. 100% of your payments will be credited towards a future event. There is no time limit on using your credit. Your credit is also transferrable to another individual or couple and can be used with our sister company WRIK Entertainment for any private or corporate event.

Whether your wedding day goes as planned or on a different day, we are looking forward to celebrating with you!

Creative COVID Options:
10 Guest Ceremony and Cocktails Package

50 Guest Wedding Package
Post Wedding Day Celebration (small ceremony now w/big party later!)

Please contact Debbie by text or phone at 401-769-1325 for pricing and details.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon!

As of 9/28/2020
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