July 31, 2023

10 Tips for Choosing the Best DJ for Your Wedding

Picking the right DJ for your wedding can seem like an intimidating task, because you know that the DJ sets the tone for the reception. Here are our 10 tips to picking the best DJ for your wedding.

10 Tips for Choosing the Best DJ for Your Wedding

Picking the right DJ for your wedding can seem like an intimidating task, because you know that the DJ sets the tone for the reception. Pick a great DJ, and it is going to be hard for your reception to be anything less than spectacular. Pick a so-so DJ, and even with the best food and venue, you are still probably only going to have a so-so reception. However, there are so many choices in DJs that you may be overwhelmed (10+ pages on Google - YIKES). Even if Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment is not your choice, we want you to be confident and knowledgeable when selecting your DJ, so here are our top 10 tips for picking your wedding DJ:

1. Do not automatically go with someone you know. We are sure you have a friend, cousins or acquaintance who is a DJ, so you feel inclined to choose them for your wedding. You should and you should not; let their qualifications, not your relationship be the deciding factor. Also, if it is someone you would invite to your wedding let them attend as a guest. If you do decide to go with someone you know do not keep it causal – make sure you are in a contract and treated like any of their other clients.  

2. Check if your venue has a preferred vendors list with DJs on it.  Your venue will have seen tons of DJs and they will tell you the ones they want to see back and the ones that they might not. Keep in mind DJs on a preferred list have also probably played at your venue and will be familiar with the set up and acoustics (bonus!).

3.  Ask for referrals. Did you go to a friend's wedding whose reception was awesome? Ask her for her DJs name. We have done 3 weddings from the same group of college friends which has been an honor and so much fun (should out to our PC crew!)

4.  Research! As you get further into the planning ask for recommendations from other vendors you have booked. You might be surprised to see the same names getting recommended. Find out why people recommend a particular DJ.  

5. Make a short-list of DJs to contact and interview them. It is important to try to get them on the phone to get a feel for their vibe and style.

6. Are they knowledgeable? When you start talking with DJs how to they sound? Are they confident, have suggestions, excited about your wedding? It is important for you to feel comfortable with who you are talking with especially if you are thinking of hiring them for your wedding.  

7.  Along with knowledge, what is their experience. Has the DJ worked at your venue before? Worked with your photographer? How long have they been in business? Are they full time? These are important questions to ask. More questions to ask your DJ can be found here

8.  Ask about their planning process. Do they have a music library? We have a client portal which is available on our website (client login area) which you can check out even if you are not yet booked with us. This allows you to plan the details, tell us your must play songs and pick out your special dances.  

9.  Do they offer more than just DJ services? You do not want them to be too pushy but some of their offerings might enhance your wedding day. Lighting can help transform your venue, a photo booth brings more fun, ceremony music might be something you did not think about but might need.  

10.  Trust your gut! Your DJ is going to make or break your wedding. Guests will remember if they had an amazing time at your wedding so be sure to choose a DJ that you are comfortable with and can deliver that experience.  

If you are still looking for your wedding DJ, we hope you will consider us and reach out so we can learn more about your wedding day.

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