November 14, 2023

3 Ways to Make a Grand Entrance at Your Wedding 

Looking for ways to enter your reception in an unforgettable way? We got you covered! 

3 Ways to Make a Grand Entrance at Your Wedding 

After you say I DO, walking into the reception feels a bit anticlimactic if you think about it. You should be celebrating your nuptials and set the tone for your reception. Here are 6 ways to be sure to surprise and excite your guests.  

Play The Right Music
Think about the song you want to make your grand entrance to. It could be a song you both love, or a meaningful song for the both of you.


Throw a Dance Party
Turn up the energy by picking an upbeat song to make your way into the party.  You can even take dance lessons and have your dance choreographed to really impress your guests. Blow your guests away and add on the spark fountains to your wedding day.

Add Enhancements  
You can really turn up the energy by having a special lighting for your entrance. Or adding our cold spark fountains.  

Check out some of our song ideas on Spotify!

What kind of entrance will you have? Have you already picked out your introduction song?