July 31, 2023

5 Misconceptions about your Wedding DJ

When you are looking for a DJ for such an important day as your wedding it makes sense you want to find a DJ that is the perfect fit. Don't rush into it! Here are the 5 common misconceptions about wedding DJs, especially us at Arpeggio.

5 Misconceptions about your Wedding DJ

When you are looking for a DJ for such an important day as your wedding it makes sense you want to find a DJ that is the perfect fit. However, there are many things to consider when booking your wedding DJ.  While some things seem like good ideas while you are still planning your wedding, they can spell disaster on the wedding day – something I am sure you do not want to experience. Here are the seven common misconceptions of your average wedding DJ.

DJs Have the Easiest Jobs, They Only Work For A Few Hours!
False! While being a wedding DJ is fun and has its benefits, it is far from the easiest job ever. About 90% of the work a DJ puts in for a wedding is done before the big day even arrives! There are many hours behind the scenes full of planning, coordinating, and preparing to make your special day flawless. A great wedding DJ will direct guests throughout the night. Your DJ will be your emcee, which will reflect how well the celebration flows.

You must have a Playlist for the DJ
MYTH! While most DJs encourage a list of ‘must play’ songs they should not be asking you to create an entire playlist for the reception.  Your ‘must play’ songs are songs that must be played at your wedding. We recommend 3-10 songs.  Your DJ should be able to read the crowd to decide what should be played next, using their own judgment and experience there should be no issue keeping the dance floor packed and the party going at your wedding.  

No Requests
We understand your nervousness to have Aunt Sally come and request the Chicken Dance be played but most DJs will not play all requests. A good DJ will use their judgment and filter out requests they feel will not fit. By allowing guests to make requests, they give them a chance to interact and feel connected to your special day on a more personal level by contributing.

You must do all the “Classic” Formalities
Absolutely not! It’s your wedding day and you can do anything at your wedding you want! A great wedding DJ can work with you to help come up with unique ideas for your reception. Even if you want to keep things traditional but aren’t looking for the same old wedding, a seasoned DJ has seen many things working many weddings and will be able to help create a one-of-a-kind celebration to fit your vision.  

I know someone who’s a DJ – they’ll do my wedding
Whenever we hear this, we get nervous! You don’t just want a DJ you want experienced professionals, someone who knows how to run a wedding and has the right equipment to handle the job. Also, if this is someone you want to invite to your wedding, they will be doing just that instead of enjoying your wedding as a guest. Be sure the DJ you hire has a vast knowledge of music and will be able to play any genre or style your guests may want.

There are plenty of things to consider before you book your wedding DJ. While some are more obvious than others, many are often neglected by engaged couples during the planning stages and result in unfortunate outcomes when their wedding day arrives. If you are going to go through all the planning of a wedding be sure to trust an experienced wedding DJ company along with all the other wedding professionals, you hire to make your wedding a day you will never forget.

Want to make sure all the misconceptions are handled on your special day? Contact Debbie at Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment to get started today!