April 27, 2023

5 Things to Consider for Your Outdoor Wedding

Even if you are in the beginning stage of planning your wedding and thinking of having your wedding outside here are 5 things to consider with outdoor weddings.

5 Things to Consider for Your Outdoor Wedding

Whether you choose to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, complete with a reception dinner under the stars, or an entire event outdoors, there are some things you may not have thought about when selecting an outdoor wedding venue. How will it impact your guests? What weather elements should you be prepared for? Are you willing and able to pay for surprise costs?

Have a Backup Plan (Rain Plan)

You will become obsessive about checking the weather, yes and we are in New England, so we are known for crazy weather. You need to plan to have some shelter for your guests.  Baskets of umbrellas can become a nice handout for your wedding guests, just in case.  You can also stock the bathroom with bath towels in case guests get wet.


Sometimes there is electricity, sometimes there is not, and generators need to be brought in. Caterers and your DJ (hopefully us) will need electricity.  Even if your wedding is in a backyard, it is a promising idea to supply extra electricity sources so that you do not blow any fuses.

Temperature Control

If it is hot outside, guests will be hot if it is cold, guests will be cold.  To keep guests cool you can give out hand fans, hats, umbrellas, sunglasses.  Water bottles are also a nice touch.  If guests might get cold provide gloves, hats, blankets and even think about renting an outdoor heater.


If you are outside chances are there will be some wind either breezes or gusts. You want to make sure your table items and decor will not blow away and become a hazard.  Make sure your items are secure and heavy enough to not blow away.  If you want to use candles you might want to look at hurricane flames or containers that will allow the flame to burn without the wind blowing it out.

Food Items

Certain foods are better if enjoyed in certain weather conditions.  Take cheese, everyone is favorite, on a sweltering day you will not want your cheese platter sitting out in the sun melting.  In warmer weather bugs are more likely to be attracted to food.

Being outside for a wedding is always a little bit of a gamble. The best way to ensure your wedding day is everything you envision is to be prepared.