October 24, 2023

5 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Wedding traditions we see less and less couples do at their weddings. Plus a bit of insight on where some of the traditions come from. Will you skip any of these traditions on your wedding day?

5 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

If you have look at our recent reception recaps you might have noticed couples are leaving out certain traditions that used to be staples at weddings.  If you are wondering what traditions you can skip read on!  

It’s important to know that wedding traditions aren’t bad, most people love traditions. So do you at your wedding! These are some of the most common wedding traditions and why we think some couples are choosing to ditch them. Whatever you decide there is no right or wrong, just do you!  

Wearing White
The tradition of wearing white was originally intended to be a symbol of innocence and purity.  From CNN: Why so many brides wear white on their wedding day

Innocence and purity are probably not the first words that come to mind when describing your wedding vibe. A lot of wedding designers are adding color to wedding fashions, they are reinventing the traditional wedding white to include colors. This opens a new way for you to truly be able to personalize your wedding with your wedding day look.

Seeing Each other for the First Time at the Ceremony
It’s a tossup on this tradition but some couples do not see each other until their ceremony. It used to be that seeing each other before the ceremony was “bad luck”. Many of our couples choose to do a first look instead of waiting until the ceremony. It also allows you to attend your cocktail hour by getting some of the formal photos out of the way.

Having a Wedding Party
The purpose of bridesmaids/groomsmen was to attend to the needs of the bride/groom throughout the wedding day.  Now a days there is a lot of responsibility that come with being in a wedding party along with costs. Some couples choose to continue the tradition by having a wedding party while others prefer to have their best friends attend their wedding simply as guests.  

If you do decide to have a wedding party it can be untraditional in the sense that everyone doesn’t always need to match.  We have seen wedding parties with different colors and/or styles.  

Kids in the Wedding
Of course, its adorable to have a flower girl and ring bearer and they often steal the show, but we see more weddings with no kids being enforced. Instead of having kids in the wedding we have seen countless couples use their fur babies in their ceremony which give just as many “Aws” from your guests. We’ve had our hearts melted by incredibly creative flower people of all ages, genders, and even species!

Bouquet and Garter Toss
These are fun reception traditions the bouquet toss is meant to celebrate their single friends and wish them luck in love. For the lucky one that catches the bouquet, if they don’t meet the partner of their dreams at their friend’s wedding, at least they’ll go home with a gorgeous floral centerpiece.  

More on the bouquet toss tradition from Zola

The garter toss is less popular as some couples think it is a bit scandalous for them to perform. Also, if the couple does not like being the center of attention this is usually a tradition they skip.  

Both these traditions we see less and less at weddings. Partially because many times the guests at weddings may be already married, engaged or in a relationship.  

If you are planning some of these traditions here are some song choice ideas to use:

Bouquet Toss Songs - Listen on Our Spotify

Garter Toss Songs - Listen on Our Spotify

Whether you decide to keep these traditions is completely up to you! Be confident with what you decide after all it is your wedding so we believe you should do it your way!