March 21, 2024

8 Essentials for Your Flat Lay Photographs

A flat lay is a top-down photography style it's popular for weddings as it captures details like rings and invitations in a single, visually appealing shot, preserving memories creatively alongside traditional portraits. Here are 8 essentials to make sure your photographer captures on your wedding. 

8 Essentials for Your Flat Lay Photographs

When considering all the finishing touches for your wedding day, one aspect that shouldn't cause stress is deciding what to include in your wedding flat lay photos for your photographer.

Flat lays capture the essence of your wedding celebration and add a touch of magic to your wedding album. While your photographer will capture the photos, the choice of items to include is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

Here are 8 essential pieces to provide to your photographer for creating breathtaking wedding flat lays:

Heather Chick Photography

Loose Florals: Incorporating loose florals showcases the beauty of the floral arrangements from your special day. Fresh garden roses and peonies add an organic, feminine touch, allowing photographers to experiment with composition and fill empty spaces in the photos.

Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring: Your wedding bands and engagement ring symbolize the love between you and your partner and should be a focal point in your flat lays. Consider presenting them in a luxurious velvet ring box that complements your color scheme.

Invitation Details: Your invitation suite tells your love story and deserves a place in your flat lays. From save the dates to wax seals, these details offer opportunities for creative layouts and storytelling in your photos.

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Wedding Shoes: Display your glamorous wedding shoes in the flat lays. While they may not be worn again, they hold memories of fastening them moments before walking down the aisle, evoking emotions for years to come.

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Handwritten Vows: A beautiful vow book adds a romantic touch to your flat lays. Your vows represent the heartfelt promises exchanged on your wedding day, serving as a reminder of the love shared between you and your partner.

Jewelry & Accessories: Your wedding jewelry and accessories hold special meaning. Include shimmering earrings, necklaces, or pearl hairpins to add sophistication to your flat lays.

Jewelry Tray: An antique jewelry tray, especially if it's a family heirloom, adds elegance to your flat lays and honors your loved ones. If you don't have one, consider searching for unique trays at thrift stores to find the perfect fit.

Maureen Russell Photography

Wedding Perfume Bottle: Incorporate your wedding perfume bottle into the flat lays to reminisce about the scents of your special day. The fragrance will evoke memories and emotions every time you smell it.

Your wedding flat lay photos will evoke joy and memories from your special day. Whether it's the hairpin reminding you of your mother's assistance or the ribbon from your invitation suite recalling the excitement of sending out invitations, each item holds significance. Choose pieces that have personal meaning to create cherished mementos you'll treasure for a lifetime.