October 24, 2023

Comparing Wedding Pros

Comparing wedding professionals/vendors is like comparing apples to oranges. They could be completely different! Don't just decide based on price! You need to look at other factors such as experience, what's included and reviews.

Comparing Wedding Pros

Because it is so easy to communicate with potential vendors for your wedding thanks to email many couples get the pricing via emails, then are comparing the pricing they get, but is that wise?

Let’s think about it, are you comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges? Here are some real examples of comparison…

Can you compare a McDonald’s Burger to a Capital Grille Burger or in if you are a Rhode Islander, Harry’s Burger? Sure, they all serve burgers on their menu.  But McDonald's cooks their burgers in about 3 minutes where are Capital Grille or Harry’s you are sitting down and getting your burger cooked to your liking.

How about a little black dress, you can get a dress from Target or get a dress from Nordstrom.  Sure both dresses are black and short but what you are saving on one dress you will hopefully make up for in the quality of the other.  With both these examples the options are VERY different, so can you really compare them??

Think about your wedding now, every vendor does different things.  Each vendor also has their own way of doing things.  Some will include special perks in their pricing while some will charge extra for those same perks.  Some will give a flat price; some do pricing by the hour or item.  Every vendor has a different process, different costs and services they are providing.  And this is because each vendor is unique and different, you wouldn’t have to choose one if they were all exactly the same.

When you are researching different vendors for your wedding think should you really compare each package to one another? Are you considering the experience this vendor has? What about their quality? Instead of comparing here are some suggestions for what you can think about…


Doesn’t matter what type of vendor you are looking for but experience is huge! Think about it, you hire a photographer that has only been shooting weddings for a year versus a photographer that has over 10 years experience photographing weddings.  Yes you may pay more for those who are more experienced, but think, you get what you pay for.


We at Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment believe that quality is the outcome of our services, but also the customer service leading up to your wedding day.  You will need to decide how you define quality but again we hate to keep saying it, but, you get what you pay for.

What’s Included
This is usually determined in what you are paying for.  Be sure when you get pricing you know what is included.  Is set up included? Travel? Consultations?

All in all, try your best not to compare vendors directly to each other, especially just based on price alone.   Keep in mind what each vendor offers and how they offer it also think about the vendor's experience, quality and what is included.  Factor in which vendors you like as well, after all, you will be sharing one of the biggest days of your life with them so you want to make sure you feel comfortable with them.

So when you contact 5 different DJs, 6 photographers, and 4 florists - think are you comparing apples to oranges?