April 4, 2023

Dance Anthems

What songs are 100% sure to get your guest up onto the dance floor? There are usually the common ones from the year's biggest songs. But you will know what songs will get your crew up dancing.

Dance Anthems

What is "Dance Anthem?"

It is that song that you cannot get enough of.  It has a great beat and gets stuck in your head for hours sometimes even days. When you hear it you are instantly in a good mood and want to let loose and dance.  

Which song is that for you?

Dance anthems are usually newer songs but there are 'classics' with an upbeat tempo that are enjoyed by all.  We always encourage a mix of music generations at a wedding so that everyone has the opportunity to get up and dance to something they know.  There are dance anthems from each decade that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

What happens when a Dance Anthem is played?

Your guests usually all of them rush to the dance floor which is no better site for a DJ than seeing everyone happy and out on the dance floor. It brings all your guests together and causes singing, dancing and just having fun which we are all about.

Check out our Spotify Playlist of our Dance Anthems.

Do your family and friends have a song you always get up and dance and sing along to?  

Still, looking for your wedding DJ to play your dance anthems? Contact us today about your wedding day.