January 26, 2024

Do I Feed My Wedding Vendors?

Do you go to work for 7 hours and not eat? Probably not. That is why you need to feed your key wedding vendors that are with you the entire day.

Do I Feed My Wedding Vendors?

You will learn quickly that it is not just your guests you are feeding at your wedding but some of your vendors will also need to get fed. Many venues and caterers will offer vendor meals and ask you how many you need. Still have questions about vendor meals, we have answers!

Who should I feed?

Vendors that are in attendance for the entire wedding should be fed (photographers, planner/day-of coordinator, DJ, videographers) A florist or officiant who is only there for part of the day or before the event do not need to be fed.

Can't the vendors pack a lunch/dinner?
I suppose they could bring food, but then they would have to take a long break to possibly find food if they didn't bring food with them. Usually, vendors will bring protein bars just in case, but it is courtesy to feed them, so they expect it.

What do the vendors eat?
Most venues/caterers will have a vendor meal they can provide your vendors with; you just need to tell them how many meals to provide. On rare occasions, vendors will eat the same thing your guests have.

When do they eat?

Every wedding timeline is different, so the answer varies. It is a good idea to have your vendors try and eat when your guests are eating since they won't miss anything. Don't worry your vendors are not going to pull up a chair next to Uncle Jim but will find somewhere nearby to eat if the venue does not have a designated place for them to eat already.

If you still have questions on who should get fed at your wedding day reach out to your venue or caterer and they will be more than happy to guide you through. But don’t forget to keep track of vendor meals as your RSVPs come in.

We also love cake, if you have some to spare!
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