January 18, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Uplighting

Ever look at pictures of a wedding and find yourself in aw of the reception space? Does it give you a romantic vibe? You can thank uplighting for that! Here is everything you need to know about uplighting.

Everything You Need to Know About Uplighting

Uplighting has become increasingly popular with weddings, but what is it?

Uplighting are lights that are set up around the room, placed on the floor shining up towards the walls and ceiling. The up lights can create a color was on the walls and ceiling of your venue. The lights can be ANY color, most popular colors last year were romantic ambers which create a candlelight glow and light blues. Uplighting can completely transform the ambiance of the room in a very elegant way. Uplighting is a fantastic way to create depth and interest to your wedding venue with light.

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Sounds great but do I need it for my wedding?
Whether you absolutely need uplighting will continue to be debated. You can google wedding uplighting at sites like The Knot or Marth Stewart Weddings will argue both sides. So, we will make it easy for you, if you like the look of uplighting, then go for it, if you do not then do not. In Rhode Island many of the venues for weddings are already gorgeous spaces so you may think uplighting is not needed and that is fine! However, as we have said before uplighting will enhance the space, it can highlight a great architectural element and bring a blank space to another level of sophistication.

Still not sure if it is right for you? Here is how to tell.
Of course, you are getting married in a beautiful space. Think of the space, does it have any architectural features such as archways, columns, and windows? Those could be illuminated to really stand out with lighting. Different textures on the wall will catch the eye when they are lit correctly, such as brick and plaster.

Isn’t uplighting expensive?
If you are already working with us for DJ services, we are happy to package together one of our lighting options. We love giving couples options, having the entire ballroom might be too over the top for you. Maybe just doing an accent of one wall or the four corners of the room will be more your style. Event just a small bit of lighting can create that enhanced wow factor.  

Are there other lighting options?
Yes! We can provide you with a monogram, which can personalize your reception when we put your name, initial or wedding date in lights! We also have dance floor lighting which enhance the dance floor in a way that will help entice your guests to get out onto the dance floor. You can choose between a subtle light show or give your dance floor that nightclub feel. (We do not use any lasers or strobe lights). We also have marque L-O-V-E Letters that can change colors or remain on one color. A statement piece that you and your guests will always remember and a focal point for stunning, fun images.

If you are interested in learning more about lighting for your wedding or want to see your venue with lighting contact us and we can set up a time to discuss our lighting options – it is the easiest way to sort through your needs and concerns at once.