December 18, 2023

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

Discover how to start your wedding day with serenity and joy, as we share essential tips for a stress-free wedding morning filled with relaxation and peace of mind. From allowing ample time for preparations to creating a comfortable and organized space, learn how to set the stage for a smooth and enjoyable wedding day experience

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

Your big day is finally here! Naturally, you will have some nerves on the day of your wedding, but here are some tips on how to enjoy the morning of your wedding by keeping your stress levels to a minimum.

Don't Rush
Make sure you give yourself more than enough time for everything. It is crucial for things to stay on time, so always give yourself more than enough time, especially with hair and makeup, in case of any last-minute changes.

Bigger is Better
Room size, that is! It will be you, your parents, the wedding party, the photographer, and the hair and makeup artists all in one room getting ready, and the last thing you want is to be crammed into a room that's too small for everyone.

Natural light is the best. A room with large windows is ideal for getting ready and having your hair and makeup done.

It is tempting to invite friends and other family members into your room while you are getting ready, but things can get hectic quickly. Be mindful of the size of your room and how many people will be there.

Comfort is key! Most girls will wear either a robe or a button-down shirt to avoid having to pull anything over their head; you won't want to ruin your hair! Robes and shirts can also double as awesome gifts for your wedding party.

Hang your Dress
Seems like a no-brainer, but what some forget is to hang it without the bag to remove any creases or bunched-up materials. Just be sure it is in a safe place and not next to all the makeup, just in case!

Obviously, you need an amazing playlist for the morning of your wedding to get ready to. So make sure you have either a speaker or that the room you are in has one, and load up your phone with a killer playlist.

Emergency Kit
Things will happen, but don't sweat it since you will have an emergency kit. Things to include: bobby pins, stain stick, safety pins, scissors, tissues.

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