June 20, 2023

How to Honor Late Loved Ones During Your Wedding

Honoring a deceased loved one at your wedding is a special way to pay tribute to those who have passed. Browse our wedding memorial ideas for honoring honor loved ones who have passed at your wedding.

How to Honor Late Loved Ones During Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a joyous occasion, but it can be difficult to celebrate in the absence of a loved one. It’s completely valid to feel the weight of the loss of a cherished friend or family member even amid such a happy time, and choosing to include a meaningful moment or gesture in your wedding is a beautiful way to honor their memory.

There are many ways to pay tribute to a deceased loved one at your wedding, and how you do it is completely personal—some might favor a public commemoration, while others might prefer a more private moment. Before you decide, it’s wise to consider the appropriateness of your idea based on your unique circumstances. This includes:

  • The deceased person’s relationship to you and your partner
  • The date of your wedding (some memorial ideas might be difficult if the death occurred close to your wedding day)
  • The wishes of anyone close to the deceased (it’s important to discuss with anyone who might be sensitive to death)
  • Religious or cultural considerations

The best plan of action when choosing a wedding memorial idea is to discuss it with those directly involved before a decision is made. Though your intentions may be good, it’s the most considerate approach.

If you’re all on the same page, and you’re looking for unique wedding memorial ideas, browse these creative ways to honor loved ones who have passed at your wedding, or jump straight to our infographic below.

Wedding Memorial Table

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