October 17, 2023

Keeping the Dance Floor Alive: Tips for a Memorable Reception

Guest blog by Tammy on how to keep the dance floor memorable and filled on your wedding day. 

Keeping the Dance Floor Alive: Tips for a Memorable Reception

You’ve thought of everything for your big day, from the perfect decor and assigned seating to the beautiful venue. But what about the actual party itself? There’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor after you’ve said your vows. Here are some tips to pack the dance floor all night long at your Rhode Island reception.

Set the Ambiance

Set the mood early. It is a celebration of love, so it should feel like love is in the air. The cocktail hour in between your ceremony and dinner is the perfect opportunity to add some ambiance. Make sure your DJ or entertainer doesn’t wait until after dinner to start music. The last thing you want is for your guests to be nibbling on appetizers and drinking in silence. That is a mood killer, for sure.

wedding party introductions

Introduce the Wedding Party

As you and your wedding party make your grand entrance into the reception venue, turn it into a true party moment. Pump up the music and have your DJ double as the emcee, welcoming each couple. A skilled DJ can build anticipation, saving the best for last, you, the newlyweds. The entire room should erupt in thunderous applause as you two take the spotlight because, after all, you are the stars of the show.

Keep the First Dance Brief

While the two of you may have fallen in love with Babyface's “Whip Appeal,” your guests may get restless as you groove around the dancefloor for all six minutes of the song. Keep your first dance short and sweet and time it out beforehand. Work with your DJ to come up with a shortened version of your song, because even four minutes is too long. The same rule applies to the first dances with moms and dads. A trending idea is to incorporate a choreographed dance with your parents and the wedding party. These are fun and interactive and wedding guests love them.

Invest in a Professional DJ

Weddings are expensive but don’t cut corners on the entertainment or think that you can just put together your favorite playlist and hook it up to Bluetooth speakers. Hire the DJ. They’re worth every cent. A good DJ can energize your Rhode Island crowd, gauge the atmosphere, and select the perfect songs to get people on the dance floor.

Get Song Requests Ahead of Time

Instead of guests bombarding your DJ all night long with song requests that could dampen the mood, have your guests fill out a poll ahead of time on your wedding website. Ask them to list three songs they would like to hear at your wedding. You and your DJ can go through the list and come up with an impressive set for your night. Also, share your do-not-play list to ensure your least favorite songs stay off the rotation.

wedding dance floor

Make Sure There is Enough Space

Make sure the dance floor is big enough and even decorated. A new trend among couples is to put your initials on the dance floor. It offers a personalized and dedicated space for all your grooves.

Protect Your Guests From Mosquitoes at an Outdoor Venue

If your reception is at an outdoor venue, keep mosquitoes away from your guests with plenty of bug spray. Decorate bottles at each table with your wedding colors. Consider incorporating citronella candles into your centerpiece decor to keep the pests off your guests and your dance floor going all evening long.

Keep the Music Going All Night Long

Once the music starts, don’t stop. Don’t pause for cake cutting or toasts. After you walk in, perform the toasts and cut the cake before the DJ gets your crowd going. Once a good groove and rhythm is going on the dance floor, you don’t want to mess up the vibe by pausing for something as boring as cutting the cake.


Dance, dance, dance! The crowd will dance if you are out on the dance floor getting jiggy with it. So, get out there and encourage your guests to join you. After all, this is your party, and you paid a fortune to be here. Inform your wedding party in advance so they can help keep you on the dance floor and away from lengthy conversations with guests and well-wishers.

Eat & Drink on the Dance Floor

Keep the party energy high by enjoying drinks on the dance floor. Here’s an idea: Instead of breaking up the fun for drinks, have the DJ play a song like “Shots” by Lil Jon. Distribute shots to everyone on the dance floor. Those sitting will quickly join the dance floor for a free shot. Cheers to a night of unforgettable celebration.

Tammy has an extensive background in journalism, media relations, social media strategy, marketing, and brand management. She resides in Michigan with her family which includes her two sons and their Goldendoodle, Max. In her free time, she loves to read and travel.