April 24, 2023

One Month Out Wedding Checklist

Guest blogger discusses what should be on your checklist when you have a month to go before your wedding day.

One Month Out Wedding Checklist

What should be on your wedding planning checklist with one month to go?  

When you first say ‘yes’, you'll probably think your wedding can’t come quickly enough. However, soon you’ll find that suddenly you’re checking that calendar and there’s one month to go! If you’ve been well-organized until now, this should not cause much alarm. It’s a time for giddy excitement and lots of mini celebrations: picking up your dress, perhaps practicing your first dance, making a final visit to your venue.  

Even if the one month marker gives you a bit of anxiety about forgetting any important details, don’t worry. Below is your checklist of key things you’ll want to have on your wedding planning checklist with just one final month to go.  

Check in with your vendors

Now is a good time to contact all of your wedding vendors and confirm timings. Email is preferred, as you then have it in writing. Admin errors, though not frequent, can happen and the worst case scenario would be for you and the vendor to have different ideas about what you’re expecting of them.  

If there are any big discrepancies at the one month mark, you can still rebook if the worst comes to worst. But don’t worry, if nothing else you can at least check in and enjoy going over those final details again. Wedding vendors tend to love their businesses, so they’ll only share in your excitement.  

Make that dreaded table plan

It’s nobody’s favorite job, but it is an important one: making the table plan. If you want to have fun with it, you can make up little paper or toy tables and pretend-seat your guests around them. That way, you can still move prim Aunt Sally away from that overly chatty friend of yours before crafting the actual plan. You may be getting your table plan printed by a supplier, but if not then now is the time to make your own one. There are a huge number of unique styles out there, so you’ll find the perfect one to match your chosen aesthetic.  

Celebrate your bachelor/ette party

Whether you’re having an actual bachelorette party or just getting together with friends for dinner, now is the time. It’s just close enough to your big day to get excited, but not so close that you’ll be worried about not feeling your best at the actual wedding.  

A popular way to celebrate for big groups is renting a small house nearby, for that vacation feel without the cost of going abroad. If you’d keep things smaller, consider a spa day or going out to a show. No matter what you go for, the most important thing is celebrating your love with your nearest and dearest.  

And relax

That final month can feel stressful, but it’s also time to relax and reflect. Make yourself one final emergency kit for the big day (tissues, hair pins, and a small sewing kit are a good shout just to name a few), tick off your to-do list, and then stop. Now is the time to think back on all the lovely memories in the lead up, as well as getting giddy over what’s to come. Weddings are, after all, amongst the most special times in your lives.  

Written by Harriet Young - Digital Content Researcher.

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