January 26, 2024

Plan Anywhere Anytime!

Our client portal allows you access to our music database and makes planning out the details of your music easy. Plus you can connect your Spotify account to the portal making planning the music super easy.

Plan Anywhere Anytime!

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough but our online client portal makes wedding prep for the music stress-free. You will have 24-7 access to your online planning forms and the music playlist.

Our client portal allows you access to our music database and makes planning out the details of your music easy. In the portal, you can create playlists for your wedding for cocktail hour, dinner music as well as the songs that must be played and any songs that should not be played. You can specify the songs for your formalities such as first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, etc.

How to access our client portal:
Go to our website arpeggioweddings.com and click the “login” in the menu dropdown then proceed to login with the credentials you received with your contract. If you aren’t booked with us yet you can use our demo account (details below).  

Once you are logged in this the screen you will see:

best wedding dj Rhode Island planning form

Select the green ‘plan my event’ button to begin then you will see this page:
From here you can add requests - tell us what songs must be played as well as you do not play and your special songs.
After clicking add requests this is the page you will see:

Don’t forget about your special songs - your formalities: introductions, first dance, parent dances, etc. You simply then drag and drop the songs into the correct field.  

Are you already working on a playlist in Spotify? Good news you can connect our portal with your Spotify account making things even easier!  
If you click back to the home tab or “planning options” you will need to scroll down to our planning forms and select edit forms.

We ask you to fill out these forms to the best of your ability to help ensure you have the best wedding ever!

Please continue filling out this form until the bottom, and if we are not providing your ceremony music or cocktail hour simply leave it blank.

We will lock you out of this portal two weeks before your wedding day so we can set up a time with your DJ to review all the information you have entered into the portal.

Even if you are not booked with us yet, you can still try out the portal!  

Visit the Client Portal and use the following login information.
Username: engaged
password: weddingdj

Love what you tried? Want stress-free wedding planning? Contact us today and we can get started on planning your wedding day!