September 11, 2023

Set the Tone of Your Wedding with Music

Ever been in a bad mood then play some music and your immediate feel better? That is the power of music! And music can completely make or break your wedding.

Set the Tone of Your Wedding with Music

Music plays a critical role in a wedding, you want assurance that the music at your wedding will play, sound great and mix well with your guests.  While food, décor and all the details you put into your wedding are important the #1 thing most of your guests will remember is if they had a good time. Think about it we are sure you have been to some weddings you couldn’t wait for them to be over while others you never wanted to end!  Creating a fun dancing environment is always the goal for any DJ however, experience with weddings and knowledge of weddings will make a great DJ stand out from others.

Here are a few things you want to make sure the DJ you hire is doing for you besides just playing music to help create the tone you want for your wedding day.  

Keep Things in Order
This is where experience will come into play. You should have a final prep meeting with your DJ prior to minutes before your wedding reception starts. During this meeting, you should have a rough idea of the order of events and what songs get played for when. Sometimes a DJ will make suggestions to help you with the order of events. The idea is to have you and your guests just have an amazing time and not be worrying about what is about to happen next.

Help with Your Flow of Events
There is a traditional order of events, but things can be shuffled around. An experienced DJ will know the best time for these memorable moments to occur.

Excellent Microphone Skills
Ever been somewhere and hear someone on a microphone and can’t understand them? Isn’t that the worst! You do not want this to happen at your wedding. It is extremely important that your DJ have also be an excellent Emcee (MC) for all the necessary announcements at your wedding. We always tell our couples that we spend as little time on the microphone as we can by only making the necessary announcements, the day is about you not us.

Know What Is Hot
Your DJ should be able to tell you what traditions and new trends they are seeing at weddings. Do people still do the ‘shoe game’? Anniversary dance? When you hire a professional you can expect them to have a working knowledge of what is, or is not, happening at weddings this year.

Love Music  
Finding one genre of music that keeps a good bit of people happy is not as hard as you might think. Finding a selection of songs over for a 3-hour period that keeps everyone entertained is a little different. Your DJ should be comfortable mixing genres of music from styles to decades, mixing in slow songs and fast songs alike, all the while mixing in requests and always staying true to your personal preferences. Our goal is to always keep everyone on the dance floor and no chicken dances or line dances needed!

Stay Calm
Obviously, the more experience with weddings, the more comfortable a DJ feels. There is no way to simulate the pressure of knowing that every 2 minutes you are required to make a decision that will affect 100-200 people and knowing that you will be judged for that decision instantly. You want to know that your Wedding DJ loves what they do and feel confident & comfortable with the biggest day of your life in their hands.

Ask yourself do you want a DJ that just plays music or does much more?

We do much more than just presses play the day of your wedding if you are looking for an experienced DJ to help through your planning process, let’s talk! Want to make your wedding day unforgettable? Contact Us TODAY!