September 8, 2023

Setting a Solid Budget for Your Wedding Entertainment

Weddings cannot escape the recent inflation we are seeing with the cost of everything in our daily lives. Guest blogger Rosanne Johnson shares some insight on how to best budget for your wedding entertainment.

Setting a Solid Budget for Your Wedding Entertainment

A wedding boom is expected this year as couples intend to carry out plans that were halted by the pandemic. However, wedding costs are only getting bigger as a result of inflation, high demand, and supply-chain conflicts ⁠— especially for common wedding destinations like Rhode Island. In fact, WPRI reports that wedding costs amount to $49,000 on Rhode Island alone. This is significantly higher than the nationwide average of $34,000. The reason for this cost gap is that the coastal state is a desirable wedding destination with its beautiful beaches and barns.

Couples who plan to wed in Rhode Island and other in-demand destinations need to be more rigorous when it comes to their wedding expenses. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you create your wedding budget.

Discuss your vision as a couple
The first thing you need to do is speak with your partner. Discuss what you both want for your special day. For example, see if you both envision a large wedding or an intimate one. The number of guests is a huge factor in setting a budget since you need to accommodate them. Also, talk about the venue you want—whether it is a beach, barn, garden, or banquet hall. Setting your wedding visions and reaching compromises will prepare you for the next step, which is setting your wedding budget.

Set your budget goal
With your partner, research wedding costs for things like the venue, catering, and entertainment. Add them all together and it’ll give you your total estimated wedding budget.

After this, you need to see if it comes within your budget. An AskMoney guide on budget components reminds us that the timeline must be taken into consideration. Don’t set a huge budget like $50,000 and expect to reach it within a year. Give yourself some time to save up for your dream wedding without forgoing other expenses like rent and utilities.

Then, be sure to set a target amount to save each month. A good way to determine this with your partner is by using this formula: number of months until the wedding x realistic monthly savings + existing savings. Strictly following this will have you reach your budget in time. You can also create quarterly targets if you don't want to compute expenses every month.

Divide your budget into percentages
The next step is to break down your wedding budget into percentages. Business Insider claims that venue and catering are typically the most expensive, so it’s best to set a huge portion for that like 30%. Other big expenses may include taxes, outfits, and thank you gifts.

Of course, the final list of important items will still depend on what you want to spend the most on for your wedding day. For instance, couples sometimes also allot about 10% for entertainment. However, if it’s a high priority for you and your partner, adjust it accordingly.

Set a maximum spending limit
Couples can go over their budget ⁠— and that’s completely normal. Near the big day, you may find yourself with a few extra costs or sudden changes in plans that can add to the entertainment bill (like sudden rain during an outdoor wedding).

However, make sure that you set and agree on a maximum spending limit that you know you can afford. This way, you won’t waste money or start off your marriage with financial issues due to unplanned entertainment costs that went over budget. Make sure to have this contingency money on hand, too, so you'll never be short of money when you need it.

It's no secret that weddings are a costly event to carry out., but with proper financial planning, things will be much more manageable. This way, you can celebrate your big day and all the entertainment that goes with it without the added stress.

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Article contributed by Rosanne Johnson

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