November 14, 2023

Song Requests at Your Wedding

Our couples frequently ask us if they should let their guests make song requests at their wedding? Read what we have to say about taking requestions, the short answer is YES let them make requests! 

Song Requests at Your Wedding

One common questions we get asked by our couples is if they should let their guests make song requests at their wedding?

The short answer is YES! However, be sure if whichever DJ you decide to go with is experienced and will be able to filter out the requests.

Here are some the DOs and DON'Ts about making song requests.

DON'T ask to see the songs
We have thousands of songs with us when we play at a wedding and with Apple Music and Spotify we can easily search for a song that we may not have in our database already.

DO make requests earlier in the night
Requests usually start rolling in when there is about an hour left, but if you make a request earlier say during dinner it will allow your DJ to try to incorporate your song into their mix.

DON'T expect the song requested to be played right away
Many DJs beat mix and try to make transitions from one song to another seamless. Depending on the song that is requested it might take some time for the DJ to work the song into the mix, so be patient!

DON'T be vague
"Play something from the 90s" really narrows it down, be more specific like play a pop song from the 90s or give an artist.

DO dance when you request is played!
There is nothing worse than having a guest request a specific song then when the song is played they are not even on the dance floor. Be sure to dance to your request.

Lastly, if you decided to ask for a song request in your RSVP (very popular idea) be sure you look through the list of songs requested and veto out songs you do not want to be played.

What song will you request to us? Let us know.