October 24, 2023

Telling Vendors, No Thank You

After inquiring with multiple vendors for the same service you will decide on one to hire for your wedding. Here is how to let the other vendors know you have decided with someone else - we promise it won’t hurt anyones feelings! 

Telling Vendors, No Thank You

We get it, it's awkward to tell someone you spoke to about your wedding that you are not going to use them. But trust us they will not take it personally. It’s like when you go to a store find a great pair of jeans try them on and leave them in the dressing room for whatever reason, no harm done! So, what is the right way to inform a vendor you’re not going to book with them?

Your first thought might be to ignore it or just stop responding, please DO NOT DO THIS! We know you did not just vanish into thin air so rather than disappear simply write to us saying “thanks for your time but we have decided to go with another vendor” to which some vendors might ask why which is helpful to them, so you can include it if you wish.

Wedding pros are running a business, and a big part of any business is following up with potential clients. Here at Arpeggio, we try to get a response either (yes or a no) from each couple we contact and speak with about their wedding. If we are not a good fit, we won't feel bad and will be thankful for your letting us know you will not be hiring us, so we can talk to other potential couples.

Again, do not feel bad about turning people down. We do not want to waste our time or yours if it isn't going to work out, to be honest, and let your vendors know you have chosen someone else.

Here is a sample email you can use:
After careful consideration, we have decided to go with another vendor for our wedding. (Provide a reason (optional): While not necessary, offering a general reason for your decision can be helpful for vendors to improve their services.) We sincerely appreciate your time and the options you presented to us.