October 24, 2023

The Ultimate Wedding Playlist

We compiled a list of all our wedding couples first dance songs, cake cutting songs, introductions and more! Check out the list and see if your songs for your wedding were played this year.

The Ultimate Wedding Playlist

We compiled all the special songs our couples this year chose for their formalities at their wedding for you to take a look at.

Here is what our couples chose for their introduction songs for themselves and the wedding party.

The list of First Dance songs has some classics as well as some more modern choices. Couples usually pick a song that reflects them. Have you picked your first dance song yet?

The one place couples get stuck on what song to choose is usually parent dances.  We always recommend talking with your parent and let them have some input in the song choice. Of course, sometimes you may have to veto a song pick but most of the time you're happy to make them happy by dancing to the song of their choice.

The cake cutting song is another place some couples draw a blank on what song to choose.  We are also seeing cake cutting not be announced but rather just done off to the side with a few guests gathering around with any photographers and videographers.

Final some couples chose to have a last dance song of the night while others leave it up to DJs choice.  Here were some of the special songs picked to end our couples wedding night:

Have you picked out all your special songs yet? We make it super easy by allowing you access to our music database. If you want to learn more about you can use our easy stress-free planning tools contact us today!