April 10, 2024

Wedding Dessert Ideas Beyond the Traditional Cake

Step beyond the ordinary wedding cake with our delightful dessert ideas that will charm your guests. Mix in a bonus cake from our favorite bakers for an extra sweet and memorable treat at your wedding!

Wedding Dessert Ideas Beyond the Traditional Cake

When it comes to weddings, the traditional cake is undeniably tasty, but why not add a touch of uniqueness to your celebration? Check out our top wedding dessert ideas that will surely wow your guests.

Chocolate Fountain
Elevate your wedding with a showstopper – a chocolate fountain from Sweet Streams Chocolate Fountains. Their delectable flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and more, provide an interactive and tasty treat. Our personal favorites are Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter. For dipping options, choose from classic strawberries, marshmallows, or juicy seasonal fruit.

In Rhode Island, we're spoiled with delicious donut options. Allie's Donuts even crafts donut cakes! Donut walls remain a hot trend and offer a fun focal point for guests to enjoy.

Donut walls are still a hot trend and a super fun focal point for guests to enjoy. Knead Donuts does an excellent job with their donut walls.

Candy Buffet
Satisfy your sweet tooth by creating a top-notch candy buffet filled with your favorite treats. Guests can make their own baggies of goodies to enjoy on the spot or take home for a midnight snack.

Ice Cream
Everyone loves ice cream! While a classic Ben & Jerry's ice cream sundae bar is always a hit, consider unique options from Tricycle Ice Cream or Millie's. Tricycle Ice Cream offers customizable mini-ice cream sandwiches and ice cream tacos.

Millie's, from Ellie’s Bakery, fills French macarons with homemade chocolate or vanilla semifreddo ice cream, using the freshest ingredients.

Indulge in Italian cookies from Only the Finest Italian Cookies. Their unmatched cookie displays can be paired with fresh espresso. Enjoy a variety, from biscotti and jelly thumbprints to Spumoni/Rainbow cookies. They also offer a cannoli station where they fill cannoli cream of your choice right before your eyes.

Remember, you can always have both cake and a bonus dessert. Consider our favorite bakers for the traditional touch:

Cake from Ellie's Bakery

Make your wedding dessert spread unforgettable by incorporating these unique ideas alongside a traditional cake. Your guests will appreciate the variety, and you'll create lasting memories of your special day.