October 10, 2023

Wedding Music Trends

Be in the know with the latest trends we are seeing from our couples and their wedding day entertainment. 

Wedding Music Trends

What new trends have you noticed with wedding music?
Trends we are seeing using popular artists you hear on the radio, but playing songs off their album that aren’t on the radio, not their biggest hit.  We also have seen talented wedding guests sing or play a song for the couple – this is always talked about and prepared not a spur of the moment thing.  

How involved with the music do couples tend to be?
We get both extremes, couples wanting to hand us the entire playlist for their wedding or couples that give us only a handful of songs they want to be played.  Our online client tools make it easy for couples being either very involved or involved enough.  The most important thing to us is that we play the music you want to hear and none of the songs you do not want to hear.  By giving us more input into your music style it allows our DJs to really get a sense of the couple's music styles so the wedding is personalized to the couple's taste.

Is there anything people don’t usually think of?
When we talk with couple’s, the ceremony music seems to be forgotten.  Typically there is pre-ceremony music played while guests are arriving and taking their seats, the ceremony music – the processional song and recessional song at the end.  We not only provide ceremony music but we also can provide a microphone to ensure all your guests can hear the ceremony and your vows, along with any other readings during your ceremony.

Wedding Traditions
We still see almost all our couples do a first dance, parents dances and a cake cutting song. But we are seeing less and less of bouquet and garter tosses.

How long before the wedding should the music choices be solidified?
We review all the music choices two weeks prior to the wedding day.  That way most of it is solidified with only minor changes left in the two-week period leading up to the wedding day.

How can the couple customize the music?
We have a fantastic, easy and stress free client login area all our couples can access through our website where they have access to our planning form – which is the timeline for the days, all the formalities get input there (first dance songs, parent dances, names of the wedding party with introduction songs…) then we have our music database.

Why do you think cover songs have grown so popular for a couple’s first dance?
Cover songs are great because they breathe new life into a “classic” first dance song.  How many times has Somewhere Over the Rainbow been covered?  Hundreds but each artist that sings or plays that song adds their own touch to the songs which couples love since it personalizes their special moment.

Do you find that older guests enjoy hearing the new versions of classic songs?
Yes, since it is still the song they have heard just in a different way. They will still be able to recognize the song regardless of who is singing or playing it.

Are photo booths and lighting still popular?
Uplighting is still immensely popular and we are seeing more couples wanted a custom monogram to really personalize their day. Couples either have to have a photo booth or can do without it. We have several different styles of photo booths which give couples allows couples to pick the perfect fit for their wedding vision.

Any final pieces of advice?
Make sure you are comfortable with your wedding entertainment.  They are there the entire wedding day and can make or break your event.  You want to feel confident in who you decide and make sure they will deliver everything you are expecting them to on your wedding day.

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