April 4, 2023

Wedding Terms You Need to Know

Planning a wedding is a huge learning experience. Here are some of the wedding terms you will hear but might not know what they mean.

Wedding Terms You Need to Know

When you start wedding planning you may not know all the words you are reading and thinking what does that mean? Here is a list of common terminology in the wedding world you are bound to hear during your planning.

Ceremony Terminology:

Prelude: Quiet, gentle "background" music played at the beginning of the ceremony as guests arrive and are seated.

Processional: Stately music played as the wedding party walks down the aisle.
Popular Choices: Canon in D, Marry Me by Train, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Recessional: Upbeat, triumphant music played at the end of the service as the couple makes their way back up the aisle and exit the ceremony.
Popular Choices: Best Day of My Life by American Authors, This Will Me by Natalie Cole, Beautiful Day by U2

Postlude: Music that plays until all guests have exited the ceremony area.

Other terminology:

Boutonniere – is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud

Charger – This is a plate that is on the table first or under the dinner plate, depending on if you are having a Buffet meal or plated meal.

Corsage – A Corsage is typically worn by the important Women in the Bride & Groom’s family. It can be attached to a bracelet and worn on the wrist or wired to be pinned onto a blouse or dress.

Escort Cards – These cards serve the purpose of “escorting” guests to their assigned table at the reception. They should be arranged in alphabetical order and have the name of the guest and the table number they are to be seated at.

GOBO/Monogram – A laser cut piece of acrylic or metal that is then placed on a spotlight to show off a Monogram or Pattern during the Reception on the dance floor or projected onto the walls.

First Look – The First Look takes place before the Ceremony where the couple is staged to see each other for the first time. This is usually done in private with just the photographers. It allows you to get all the Couple + Wedding Party Pictures done before the Ceremony so that during the Cocktail Hour you can ENJOY IT!

Head Table – A Head Table is commonly used for the couple to sit with the Wedding Party but can also be used for the couple to sit with their family members.

Place Cards – Place cards are meant to show to a guest the exact place at the table where they are to be seated. Place cards typically just have the guest’s name on them.

Table Number – A table number is necessary if having assigned seating, which we highly recommend. Table numbers should be displayed prominently on a table, facing the direction that guests will be entering the reception area. In lieu of numbers and for a bit of a twist, table names can also be used.

Up lighting – is an illumination of the walls and will completely change a room with a subtle glow of color that projects up from the floor. If you love the room but the color of the walls is not quite right, then up lighting can easily change them to almost any color.

Vendor Meal – A meal that each vendor present at your reception should be accounted for and given.

Sweetheart Table – A Table that is named for the couple to share by themselves during the reception. This allows the couple to have a moment to spend with each other and eat without (much) disruption.

Are there other words you are scratching your head thinking what does that mean? Let us know we love to help. Maybe you can even stump us.