May 15, 2023

Working 9 to 5 and Planning a Wedding?

Wondering how you will plan your wedding while working full time? Here are some tips about planning your wedding while working full time.

Working 9 to 5 and Planning a Wedding?

You get engaged and now have to plan this amazing wedding, but you work a full-time job, panic sets in! Planning a wedding can feel like you're taking on another full-time job but with the proper organization some delegation and time management we promise it can be done.

Get Organized
It seems easy enough but once you set your wedding day you almost work backward to fill in all the details. It might be helpful to get a agenda or use the calendar app on your phone to take down major deadlines and payments. Have a space either a folder, binder or Google Drive to store all your contacts and notes, be sure to share these with your partner and any loved ones helping you with the planning.
Just like at work add reminders to your phone for any appointments, payment reminders, etc.
Example: Your caterer will need your final meal count close to your wedding – make that date down!

Build Your Team (It Takes a Village)
It is common to want to conquer it all when it comes to wedding planning but do be afraid to outsource tasks to your partner, family, friends or even hire a professional planner to help you out. When you give someone, a task be sure to give them a clear description of what you need them to do.

Forego DIY Projects
DIY (Do It Yourself) while this seems like a great way to get things done and save money, most DIY projects will eat up a lot of time and energy.  Its recommended you keep DIY projects to a minimum unless you are ok with delegating the projects to your family or friends.

Check Your Schedule
When you begin reaching out to wedding professionals many will have limited availability to meet on the weekends since they are at weddings.  You might need to take a day off to schedule a string of appointments in one day.

TIP schedule your hair and make up trial the same day as your engagement shoot, so you can look great for your photos.

While your wedding checklist may seem impossible to conquer it can be done! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and enjoy it. Hey, we know you are probably reading this on your lunch hour at work, so why not email us about your entertainment if you haven’t already.