indoor cold spark fountains Megan Therese Photography

The effect is pure WOW – but without the dangers, threats, and trouble of fireworks.   Our spark fountains put the perfect exclamation point on any grand entrance, first kiss or an unforgettable backdrop during the first dance. The spark fountains are so cold you can even surprise all your guests and stick your hand in the stream! Blow your guests away and add on the spark fountains to your wedding day.

Safety is our top priority. Our new cold spark fountains create a spectacular effect without the risk of traditional pyrotechnics. Cold sparks mean no fire, no heat, no smoke, and will not set off any smoke detectors or any other safety mechanisms. You can even put your hand through the ‘sparks’!

Written confirmation required from your venue that this effect is allowed. 

We provide our cold sparks individually or in a package with one of our other services. 

Email Debbie or text ‘spark’ and your wedding date to 401-769-1325 to get our spark fountains at your wedding! 

Photo: Megan Therese Photography 
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