How Much Should I Tip My Vendors?

Published 10/28/2020

You know you should tip at a restaurant, at your hair salon, and when you get a drink at the bar, but did you know you should tip vendors at your wedding, too? Your wedding day team is providing you a service, so it is customary to leave a tip but no required.

There is sometimes a stigma around tipping and how much you should give. There is no right or wrong answer. Some of your vendors might already have gratuity in their fees such as your venue or caterer. Other vendors might give you a guide or the option to leave a tip when you make a final payment. Tipping is simply showing your appreciation for a job well done and is your personal choice. However, here are some tips on tipping your wedding team.

First, if you are going to tip any of your vendors, we recommend creating a list of who you are tipping. Then arrange the tips in envelopes with the name of the recipient on each envelope. If you have a wedding planner you can give the envelopes to them to distribute, and if you do not have a wedding planner it is a great job for a parent or someone at your wedding party.

Who should you tip?
Hair and Makeup Team
Ceremony Officiant
Deliveries: Bakery, Floral, Rental Delivery
Venue Coordinator

I know what you’re thinking, “Holy crap that’s a lot more money to spend!” Keep in mind some vendors will have their tip already included in their services. Those that do not have it included will greatly appreciate a tip but do not expect it.

How much?

Sometimes it’s based on the total cost and is 10-20% of the total. For other vendors, it's $50+

Remember to tip because you are happy with the service you received. Try not to overthink it like ‘I already paid them a lot of money so they must make a lot of money since the cost was high.’

We asked a group of roughly 50 various wedding vendors what they typically get as a tip from a couple. Answers varied from $50 to $600. The other thing we were surprised to learn is that vendors are modest and don’t mention anything about tipping unless the couple asks. But many vendors do put a note in their contract or final invoice stating gratuity is always appreciated.

The best tip you can give you wedding vendors is leaving a review. Sites like The Knot, Wedding Wire, Facebook, or Google seem to be the best places for wedding pros. These reviews help the vendors' online presence and will help other couples planning their wedding find the perfect wedding vendors.

Us as DJs we always greatly appreciate a tip at the end of the night. Typically, our couples leave anywhere from $50 to $300 in tips for our DJs.


If you are still curious about what to tip what vendors, don’t be afraid to ask!