Weddings & Your Pets

Published 08/13/2019

A lot of the time we have couples that have pets and face it they are a part of the family. Sometimes couples choose to incorporate their pets into their wedding to give it a real personal touch.  But there are some logistical things to consider before you decide if this is right for your wedding.  Here are some things to think about.

No Pets Allowed? 
Make sure your venue or where you are having your ceremony allows pets.  Some parks and beaches may have rules against having animals on site.  Talk to your venue coordinator or planner.

Pet Supervision
If you can have your pet at your ceremony or reception designate someone to be the handler for your pet.  You are going to busy enough so you the last thing you want is another thing to worry about.  Chances are you will incorporate your pet in walking down the aisle, then in some photos, so it’s best to pick someone, not in your wedding party.  But someone you can trust and someone your pet feels comfortable with.

Pet Clothing
Most pets don’t like dressing up or even wearing a sweater in the winter.  So think about how they will act if you really dress them up in a tux or dress!  Choose something simple like a bow tie or bow.

Make a visit to the groomer before your big day so your pet is looking their best.

Think of your Guests
Of course, you love your pet, but what about everyone else at the wedding?  Check to see if any of your guests have an allergy or fear of your pet.

Pet Stress
Just like little kids, pets can have “off” days or feel uncomfortable and not want to do something.  Do not force your pet to do something out of their element. While everyone dreams of their pet walking, trotting or hopping down the aisle if they are barking, meowing or making any other noise along the way it might not be as cute.

Potty Break
Again like little kids make sure your pet has done their business before they are a part of your wedding.

This post wouldn't be complete without some adorable pictures of pets at weddings so enjoy!

Will your pet be at your wedding?  Let us know and send us pictures!