March 9, 2024

How To Have Alone Time at Your Wedding

Are you anxious about being the center of attention? Explore this guide designed for introverted couples!"

How To Have Alone Time at Your Wedding

Enrich your wedding day experience with moments of solitude using these expert tips:

Keep It Intimate from the Start
Manage stress by keeping your guest count small.

Leverage Your Photographer's Expertise
Work closely with your photographer to capture private moments. It is important for you to coordinate with your photographer to steal away for quiet time, cleverly framed as more photo opportunities.

Involve Your Wedding Planner
Enlist the help of your wedding planner to carve out private moments. From a quiet first look to an intimate post-ceremony cocktail hour, they can ensure you enjoy precious time together amidst the celebration.

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Opt for a First Look
Having a first look as a great way to alleviate the pressure of being the center of attention, allowing you to savor special moments in a more relaxed setting.

Choose a Smaller Ceremony
A trend has been on the rise for couples to have a smaller kore intimate ceremony where you are limtited to the attendees. You can just have your family to keep it more comfortable for you while you share your vows. Another option is to have your vows in private away from a crowd. You can then choose whether or not to have a ceremonial ceremony without the wedding jitters.

Take a Moment After the Ceremony
After your ceremony take a few moments together before you join your guests at cocktail hour. The day will go by extremely quickly so take a few minutes with your new spouse to soak it all in. You can also plan to have some alone time before the night is over.

Private Last Dance
Another great trend we are loving is having a  private last dance. After guests leave, enjoy a slow dance in quiet peacefulness, savoring the final moments of your special day.

Enhance your wedding day with these thoughtful touches, ensuring memorable moments of togetherness amid the celebrations.