January 26, 2024

Mistakes Newly-Engaged Couples Make

Every newly engaged couple might make some mistakes - so read through them to make sure you don't make the same mistakes! Tip #1 enjoy your engagement before jumping into wedding planning mode.

Mistakes Newly-Engaged Couples Make

Congratulations! Being engaged is a whirlwind of excitement and it can be easy to get wrapped up in all the excitement. Here are some mistakes newly-engaged couples make that we want you to try to avoid!

Spreading the News!

This may seem obvious, but it can be hard to resist not sharing the news on your Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to first tell the people most important, parents, siblings etc. The last thing you want is to get a message from someone who is upset they had to find out your engagement over social media instead of from you.

Enjoy your Engagement
Don’t jump into planning mode right away! Take some time to enjoy being engaged, celebrate with your family and closest friends before you begin planning your wedding.

This is always a big topic and it usually is not the favorite conversation but it is necessary. You may need to do some research in the area you want to have your wedding set an appropriate budget. Don’t set a budget without considering the average costs of the area, or without talking to some wedding professionals.  

The Date

While some couples have a meaningful date in mind others might not.  Be sure the venue you choose has your special date before you start telling anyone the date.  Keep in mind venues book up far in advance so you may not be able to have the date your heart is set up unless you are somewhat flexible (meaning you may have to wait until the following year to get your date).

Pinterest/Instrgram Vortex
It is so easy to get lost in a wedding Pinterest board or start following tons of wedding professionals on instagram. There are so many great ideas and photos on both sites. While we encourage couples to look for inspiration it is important to realize you sometimes do not see the price tag associated with the images. Sometimes the most popular images you fall in love with were designed for you to do so, They might have be curated as part of a styled photo shoot by wedding pros to draw you in, they are styled, have a lighting team, professional models etc.

Wedding Party
Before you start asking people to be in your wedding party but stop and think who you really want there on the morning of your wedding to help make your wedding planning easier.  You don’t want to regret asking too many or too few people.  Keep in mind even if you do not ask someone they most likely will still be invited to celebrate your special day with you!

Do not commit to who you are inviting just yet! You should have a rough idea of your guest list before you start looking at venues to make sure they can accommodate your guest list.  Your parents will probably be the ones to push invites on you but stand your ground! Tips for finding the perfect wedding venue here.

When you are ready we would love to talk to you about your wedding entertainment so be sure to reach out to us to discuss your wedding.