December 18, 2023

Wedding Entertainment Guide: The Do's and Don'ts

Planning your wedding day is crucial for a seamless and unforgettable experience. Check out our essential list of dos and don'ts to ensure a smooth and joyous celebration for everyone involved.

Wedding Entertainment Guide: The Do's and Don'ts

Your wedding day is undeniably one of the most important days of your life. And making sure everything runs smoothly is of utmost importance. Here is a list of dos and don’ts to guide you and ensure that everyone has a great time.

DO: Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Capturing the magic of your big day requires the expertise of a professional wedding photographer. You'll cherish the beautiful photos taken of you and your spouse forever, so choose a seasoned photographer — there are plenty across Rhode Island. A pro behind the lens will ensure that your pictures are flawless and will capture every moment — even all the candid shots.

DO: Hire a Professional DJ

While weddings can be costly, do not skimp on the entertainment. Hiring a DJ is a must–this is not an event for a Bluetooth speaker and an iPhone. A DJ acts as the emcee of your event, keeping the crowd entertained and on the dance floor all night long. Our team of DJs will make sure you have the time of your life.

DO: Collect Song Requests in Advance

To prevent guests from annoying the DJ with song requests throughout the night, set up a song poll on your wedding website in advance. Ask your guests to submit three songs they'd like to hear at your wedding. Collaborate with your DJ to create an impressive set list for the evening using our portal, ensuring your least favorite songs stay off the rotation.

Did you know we make it easy to plan out your music? Check out our planning portal here.

DO: Dance!

Get out there on the dance floor and party! Your enthusiasm will inspire your guests to join in the festivities. After all, this is your big party and weddings are fun. You should dance the night away.

Listen to our playlist of songs that are perfect to get you on the dancefloor here.

DO: Ensure a Spacious Dance Floor

Make sure your dance floor is spacious so that people aren’t bumping into each other while they’re cutting a rug!

DO: Break In Your Wedding Shoes

Comfort is key on your big day, and you don’t want to be in pain because of uncomfortable shoes. Prior to your wedding, break in your shoes by wearing them for a few hours each night around the house. A common solution is wearing one pair for photos and the ceremony and having a pair of comfy flats ready for dancing. You could even provide flip flops as "dancing shoes" for guests navigating the evening in stilettos.

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DO: Enjoy Your Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

These pre-wedding celebrations are your chance to unwind and have a blast away from the stresses of wedding planning. Let your best man or maid of honor plan an unforgettable evening or weekend of fun.

DO: Hire a Wedding Planner

Consider hiring a wedding planner to ensure everything runs smoothly on your special day. Their expertise can ease stress and help you enjoy every moment.

Read more to decide if you should hire a wedding planner.

Don’t: Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

The last thing you want on the morning of your wedding is to have a bad hair day. Not getting your hair right can be stressful and overwhelming. Consider hiring a hairstylist and makeup artist to execute the perfect look. To avoid any kind of stress, schedule a practice run—a dress rehearsal of sorts for your hair. That way, you can iron out any kinks and have a perfect face and head of hair on the actual day.

DO: Taste the Food Ahead of Time

Prioritize a food-tasting session well before your big day. You do not want to serve subpar food that becomes the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. Your goal is to provide your guests with an unforgettable dining experience. Therefore, before finalizing any contracts, arrange for a pre-wedding food tasting where the caterer can prepare the exact menu they will serve on your wedding day.

DO: Keep the Music Going All Night Long

Once the music starts, maintain the momentum. Avoid interruptions for cake cutting or toasts by handling these before the DJ gets the crowd dancing. A continuous groove on the dance floor ensures the party atmosphere remains energetic and vibrant.

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DO: Get the Photo Booth

Wedding guests LOVE photo booths. They are becoming more common at wedding receptions and are a surefire hit with guests. Photo booths offer a fun way for guests to create lasting memories of your big day.  

Don't: Stress

Weddings can be stressful! But let go of all negative thoughts and enjoy your day. If it’s an outdoor wedding and it rains, roll with it. Have a fantastic time anyway. This is a day of joy. So, if you feel stressed, take a few moments and a few deep breaths and reassure yourself that this is your day, and absolutely nothing will ruin it.

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